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Elevate the Everyday. Recipes and Hummus made with Graze Oil Premium Garlic Infused Olive Oil
Graze Oil, Olive Tree Italy olive oils
Creativity in the Kitchen begins with Graze Oils and Vinegars. Pizza made with Graze Premium Olive Oil
Quality Matters. Harvesting olive oil tree with ripe green olives. Freshest Crush full of polyphenols
Graze Oil clipping fresh ripe green olives in Australia. Quality of olives

Our premium extra virgin olive oils and vinegars are sourced from small farms, by the freshest harvest dates all over the world. Because they are some of the freshest oils in the world and vigorously tested, you can rest assured that the oil you are getting is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These quality ingredients boast amazing flavors and health benefits. We cannot wait for you to find your next "crush".


We hope you have an exciting experience in learning as you explore our oil and vinegars. If you’d like more information on cooking with olive oils, recipes, inspiration on how to use balsamic vinegars, etc. please follow our socials, check out our blog, join our newsletter, and visit our tasting bar in Lafayette, LA. 

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