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Here's some inspiration on how use olive oil & vinegars

Here's some inspiration on how use olive oil & vinegars

Posted by Graze Oil on Mar 25th 2024

Maybe you stopped in a local olive oil shop on your quest to eat healthier, or maybe you saw a recipe or received some oil and vinegars as a gift. And now you're left wondering what to do with them. 

First. let me warn you, there's no going back! Once your palate gets a taste of quality EVOO or balsamic vinegars, you will begin to crave it. You will also become a chef in your own kitchen. 

You will also begin reaping the amazing health benefits and wonder why you never tried them before. Take a look at our blog on the health benefits they have to offer. 

Here's some wonderful ways you can incorporate oil and vinegars into your daily lifestyle. 

Cooking  with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar can elevate all your meals. You can Sautee, marinades, roasting, grill vegetables and chicken, make a vinaigrette, make a glaze, Stir-fry, cocktail, mocktails, refreshments, delicious pasta sauces, bread dips and so much more. 

Check back frequently for recipes and tips.